HW Development

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Cellular 3-4G LTE eNB Radio Hardware    --wireless segment experience

Customers list includes major Telecom, Defense Contractors, Industry Players and startups.


AgileAccess™ Hardware Design comprises end-to-end service starting with Design if the objective is clear, otherwise start with Research & Development followed by proof-of-concept Design and on:










Design Service & Specialties

Support Services Manufacturing  



 ● Consulting

 ● Research;


         Simulations &


 ● Systems


 ● Developing


 ● Training



 Design & Development


 ● Engineering

 Systems Architecture

 ● Developing


 ● Analog Design

 ● Digital Design

 (Processors, FPGAs)

 ● RF Design

 ● Interfaces

 (Wireless, Fiber-Optic,


 ● Active Filters

 ● Prototyping

 ● PCB

 ● HW Integration &

 ● Testing

 ● Reliability

 ● Failure Analysis

 ● Compliance

 ● Packaging



 ● Assistance in

       transferring design

       to manufacturing

 ● Locating offshore







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AgileAccess™ hardware development capabilities include:

i) (Media) Interfaces

ii) Core Function (Controller; Signal Processing), and

iii) Network Interface.

The above generic Systems description applies to Communications Systems and Control Systems. Other services beside design are available, a few included below for a broader view.  --contact below for more information

--Outsourced Design & Development

AgileAccess™ can provide Design & Development service to partner clients. Design & Development partnering model includes all industries, for example:

i)   Infrastructure Manufacturers (--Engineering Departments) for outsourced design & development; --see diagram

ii)  Contract Manufacturing Houses

iii) Component Distributors who may wish to partner for the Design & Development part, offering an end-to-end service package to their customers.

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Services Delivery --above services; and more


Services may be delivered flexibly, either on premise or at our facility for the convenience of customers willing to outsource the work. AgileAccess™ (RF) lab is well equipped for development work; test equipment including:

- Spectrum Analyzer,

- Network Analyzer (w/TDR Option for cable testing),

- Signal Generators,

- Oscilloscopes, Power Supplies and other Bench Tools. --see our laboratory

- Software Tools

 AgileAccess™ has ongoing contacts at Agilent and other manufacturers and suppliers, for immediate delivery of needed equipment.

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