Antenna Integrated Services

               AISG 2.0; TS 25.461 Compliance


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AgileAccess™ can provide end-to-end AISG service including design, spec hardware, hardware-integration and testing; before deployment. For deployed systems, all inclusive AISG 2.0 features verification, and 3GPP TS25.461 compliance testing. The AISG network whether AISG Master embedded in the Radio (RE) or an External Controller eg: ALD vendor software on Laptop; or contact us for more options.

AISG related pre-, and post-deployment Services include:

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                              Fig: Showing the RET and TMA (ALD) Components.

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The AISG or Antenna Integrated Services Group, a UK based body; sets the standards for various remotely controlled services that are located up on top of antenna towers and --. Often field deployments of AISG hardware share the RF cable carrying the wireless traffic, for transport of AISG Communications & DC Power --. The 3GPP (3rd Gen Partnership Project) stepped in to define the TS25.461 for --read more

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AISG Antenna Integrated Services Group (

AISG: Cable, Connector

AISG (Communications) Signal Repeater

ALD (Antenna Line Devices; --RET, TMA)

RET (Remote Electrical Tilt; single/dual)

TMA (Tower Mounted Amplifier; dual, multi-band)

Smart Bias-T (Bias-T with embedded AISG Signal Modem)

Lightning Protection (built-in for Antennas, TMAs)

AISG 2.01 Enhancements (2013)

AISG Carrier 2.176MHz

OOK Modulated AISG Carrier; (On-Off-Keying) --3GPP TS 25.461 Test Specs

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