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AgileAccess™, LLC is registered in the State of New Jersey, USA. The company history as a technology startup goes back to the early 1990's; focused on Hardware Development and Manufacturing support for the wireless infrastructure manufacturers.

In response to the market shifts in early 2000s, AgileAccess™ expanded to include Services, and broke into new vertical markets segment, with a rich portfolio of Integrated Solutions.

In May 2009 the company re-registered to become an LLC  

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As of late 2008, AgileAccess™ has participated in Wireless 3-4G LTE (Radio) technology development, eNB HW Integration & Software Features Testing. Present growth interests include Enabling Technology for 5G Wireless, IoT Solutions, adding SoC, VHDL Synthesis & Verification capabilities to provide end-to-end HW Solutions.

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Leveraging it's hardware development background, AgileAccess™ remains uniquely positioned within the Technology-Services space, ready to cater multiple market segments with:

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The list grows further into other areas under partnered services.  --call us to learn more

AgileAccess™, LLC

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