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Cellular 3-4G LTE eNB Radio, & Controller     --wireless segment experience



AgileAccess™ continues to grow in the Digital Communications area particularly, Bus Communications: from on-Board SPI, CANBUS to MODBUS/PROFIBUS for Industrial Controls including products, for example: a Safety-Switch for a European bus protocol AS-I (Actuator Sensor Interface; --www.as-interface.net); developed for a major US Industrial Controls vendor.

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Services Delivery --above services; and more


AgileAccess™ has ongoing contacts at Agilent and other manufacturers and suppliers, for immediate delivery of needed equipment.

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Cellular 3-4G LTE eNB Radio Hardware    --wireless segment experience

AgileAccess™ hardware development capabilities include:   

    i) (Media) Interfaces

    ii) Core Function (Controller; Signal Processing), and

    iii) Network Interface.

The above generic Systems description applies to Communications Systems and Control Systems. Other services beside design are available, a few included below for a broader view.  --contact below for more information

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