Acronyms (Wireless)

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ALD      Antenna Line Devices belonging to the AISG network; eg: RET, TMA

AISG    Antenna Integrated Services Group; oversees the Antenna tower deployed services for example remote antenna position control using RET. Standard: AISG 2.0 (2006)

CDMA   Code Division Multiple Access --Spread Spectrum technique

CPRI    Common Public Radio Interface --standard for the REC-RE link, and supports both Optical and Copper media

DAS      Distributed Antenna System, --either Outdoor (analog; RF over Fiber) or Indoor (WiFi or digital)

D&D     Design & Development

eNB      enhanced Node-B (LTE term for Base Station; BS)

HW       Hard Ware --hardware

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3G        3rd Generation, --at this time we are in 4G (--mid 2012 on)

3GPP    3rd Generation Partnership Project

LTE       Long Term Evolution --part of 3-4G standard which supports the evolution of wireless technology supporting hi-data rates, beside voice.

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RAN      Radio Access Network

RE        Radio Equipment

REC      RE Controller --which basically controls the Radio functions (--and provides Network Interface)

RET       Remote Electrical Tilt device for antenna tilt and azimuth control; belonging to AISG ALD.

TDMA    Time Division Multiple Access, --time slotted (divisioned), usage of frequency band

TDD      LTE version of TDM (Time Division Multiplex)

TT-LNA Tower Top - Low Noise Amplifier in the Receiver path to offset the Antenna cable loss --the Transmit Power Amplifier may not be on the tower

TMA       Tower Mounted Amplifier; Low Noise for receiver antenna cable loss offset gain typically 15dB, Noise Figure NF around 1dB; with a built in appropriate band filter

UMTS    Universal Mobile Telephone System

WB       Wide Band

W-CDMA  or Wide-Band CDMA

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