AISG 2.0, TS25.461

               Integrated Services

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The AISG or Antenna Integrated Services Group, a UK based group; sets standards for various remotely controlled services that are located up on top of antenna towers and buildings roof-tops. For example, the electrical control of Antenna Tilt (--and Azimuth); using a electric-motor driven device called RET (Remote Electrical Tilt) --see Fig below. The other prominent device along with RETs, in the Antenna Line Device (ALD) family; is the Tower Mounted Amplifier or TMA. The ALDs need power and communications for control, which is defined by the AISG Standard, currently AISG 2.0 (2006), and accepted by all ALD manufacturers as well as the Wireless Base-Station Equipment Manufacturers.

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Field deployments of AISG hardware sometime may require sharing the RF cable carrying the wireless traffic, for transport of AISG communications and DC power. In order to keep AISG from interfering the normal wireless service, the 3GPP (3rd Gen Partnership Project) has defined the TS25.461 for the AISG compliance of 3GPP. The wireless manufacturers thereby must carry the burden to test both end-to-end BS (Base Station) equipment for TS25.461 as well as embedded AISG functionality in the Radio Equipment (RE).

The RE plays the AISG Master Controller role in the absence of external AISG control and may service multiple antennas beside its own; along with their respective ALDs in the AISG network.

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AISG Antenna Integrated Services Group (

AISG: Cable, Connector

AISG (Communications) Signal Repeater

ALD (Antenna Line Devices; --RET, TMA)

RET (Remote Electrical Tilt; single/dual)

TMA (Tower Mounted Amplifier; dual, multi-band)

Smart Bias-T (Bias-T with embedded AISG Signal Modem)

Lightning Protection (built-in for Antennas, TMAs)

AISG 2.01 Enhancements (2013)

AISG Carrier 2.176MHz

OOK Modulated AISG Carrier; (On-Off-Keying)

AISG Standards include AISG 2.0, 3GPP TS 25.460, TS 25.461, TS 25.462, TS 25.463, TS 25.466