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AgileAccess™ continues to grow it's Engineering Consultancy, delivering the various engineering services under:

These services can be provided either directly (--outsourced) or through third-parties. Recent engagements include WB CDMA Radio Hardware Development support, 3-4G LTE eNB Radio System Integration & Testing, LTE eNB HW Integration, System-Network Integration and Software Features Testing. --contact for more information



AgileAccess™ consultants bring in-depth technology background: Standards, Hardware Specifications, Design, Prototyping, Design Verification, System Integration, Test Specifications development, Test Equipment Integration, and Testing. All in Wireless (Access), and Fiber-Optic (Transport) technologies; and delivering Best-in-Class end-to-end service to the customers in multiple market segments.

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Training & Seminars


Training, Seminars and Conferences, --both learning and instructing; are part of continuing academic interests as well as mandatory training. AgileAccess™ has been called upon to design-deliver technical seminars (--see Transceiver Design Seminar); and organize major conference events, and has remained involved in the professional activities through IEEE and other Professional Societies.  --click on the link below for more

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AgileAccess™ website will continue posting updates, however lots of documentation is available along with readiness to package information for a target market. AgileAccess™ is always eager to put mutual strengths to work, and welcomes collaboration.

Feel free to contact below call or e-mail for more information.

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