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AgileAccess™ CTO and founder Syed M. Ahmed, brings over 25 years industry experience in various areas of Wireless and Fiber-Optic technologies having worked for reputable companies including former AT&T Bell Labs. His early career includes Test Engineering, IC & Circuits Design, in Si & GaAs technologies; he holds 4-US Patents. Later, moving up developing Board Level applications; Radios for Cellular Base Stations including TDMA, CDMA Standards: Radio-FE, Synthesizer-System, IF Strip, Modulator/De-Modulator, and Base-Band Filters. In Fiber-Optics he has developed EO Converters, Data Inserters, 4x4 Switch for Analog RF-Carrier Optical Transport, other products such as DAS (Distributed Antenna System).

Mr. Ahmed's more recent involvements are, wireless 3-4G LTE eNB HW Development, HW Integration & Features Testing. For example LTE eNB: CPRI Fiber-Delay and Tunable Antenna DAS Fiber-Delay features. Other features and interests include AISG, and AISG Technology development.

Mr. Ahmed graduated from Western Michigan University, with MA (Solid State Physics) and MS (EE; Mfg Admin). His technical interests include Digital Design, VHDL Synthesis, Microprocessor Applications; along with entrepreneurial interests --presently enrolled in Rutgers Business School, CUEED EPI program.

Mr. Ahmed is supported by staff and a number of consultants in the network. He may be reached at below contact or via contact link here:

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