Integrated Solutions

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AgileAccess™ within the vertical markets segment, was the first to offer:

The Franchisee System features included:

    - CCTV w/Cash Register Interface --see fig below; display cash register data on the screen

    - Wireless (--WiFi; and Audio) 

    - Alarms (intrusion) flowing in the down-link (DL) PoP-to-MS

    - Reverse Data-Channels (or UL;) from MS-to-PoP for

    - Access Control,

    - HVAC and other (Smart Kitchens) equipment control.

The various features in turn, could be monitored and controlled from a remote site (MS) such as home office, over the standard (DSL) internet connection.

AgileAccess™ differentiated itself from the competition by offering:

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AgileAccess™ was also the first to offer Integrated Services Network for the Franchise Corporate. --contact for details.